Splenda might cause cancer….if you eat like 500 packs a day

My mom sent me an article claiming artificial sweeteners cause cancer. I unpacked the science behind that claim.


Every scientist should write for The Conversation

Last month, I wrote a piece for the news organization "The Conversation" featuring a publication in my lab. The story was picked up by about two-dozen other news organizations including CBS and Scientific American. Our publication gained a lot of traction as a result. The Conversation is a non-profit organization that helps academics write news... Continue Reading →

New Video: “Are GMOs Natural?”

A while back I posted a picture on twitter of a process called the "floral dip" which is science-speak for dipping a whole dang plant in a bath of microbes to make a GMO. Someone asked in the comments if there was an explanation of this process anywhere. I couldn't find one, so I decided... Continue Reading →

Science denialism is a bipartisan issue

Scientists are organizing to march on Washington, but why? The short answer is outrage over the minimal role scientific evidence plays in informing policy. A longer answer would also have to account for the fact that voters drive policy and there is a clear disconnect between scientists and the general public. But perhaps the more... Continue Reading →

Does intelligence REALLY come from our mothers?

This post was originally published on Science Says. It was cowritten along with Katharine Nichole Holm and Christian Silva You’ve probably seen the headlines: “New research confirms that kids get their intelligence from mom” -GH Sep 12, 2016 “Science says you can thank (or blame) your mum for your intelligence”-Yahoo Sep 14, 2016 “Children inherit their... Continue Reading →

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