The bacteria in your gut might be scheduling your daily routine.

Jet lag. Daylight savings woes. Exhaustion and insomnia with a side of appetite change and indigestion. We’ve all experienced the side effects, but why are we so sensitive to changes in our schedules? The answer lies in our genetic makeup and, new research suggests, also in the bacterial passengers that make up over half the... Continue Reading →


Okay, so what the heck are “omics”?

In the National Academy of Science's genetically engineered crop study report released a few days ago, they proposed a new regulatory framework for analyzing the safety of any crop variety that relies on a technology called "omics"? So what in the world is an omic and how is it useful? There are many different types... Continue Reading →

3 Surprising Facts About Plants: Immunity, Indeterminacy, and Immortality

As an undergraduate, I sat through human biology lectures, shouldered up with ambitious pre-meds at the University of Colorado. When they marched off to anatomy, I wandered into the councilor’s office, wondering what biology careers don't require memorizing musculature. I met with professor emeritus and plant biotechnology enthusiast Andrew Staehelin who insisted, “you should get a PhD... Continue Reading →

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