New Video: “Are GMOs Natural?”

A while back I posted a picture on twitter of a process called the "floral dip" which is science-speak for dipping a whole dang plant in a bath of microbes to make a GMO. Someone asked in the comments if there was an explanation of this process anywhere. I couldn't find one, so I decided... Continue Reading →


Activity: Breeding Vs. Genetic Engineering

Plant breeding and genetic engineering are incredibly useful tools. Like most tools, they serve distinct purposes. Plant breeding randomly combines the genes of two closely related plants. This is useful when both parents have several useful traits. Genetic engineering allows scientists to move specific genes between species. I used the following scenario to demonstrate the precision... Continue Reading →

Hands-on Activity: Central Dogma of Biology

As part of the Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center’s Science Communication Fellows Program, I worked with educators to develop a hands on teaching module to describe my graduate research at the University of California in Davis. I focused on the foundational subject of gene expression, sometimes called the “central dogma of biology”. In the central dogma,... Continue Reading →

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