Splenda might cause cancer….if you eat like 500 packs a day

My mom sent me an article claiming artificial sweeteners cause cancer. I unpacked the science behind that claim.


Every scientist should write for The Conversation

Last month, I wrote a piece for the news organization "The Conversation" featuring a publication in my lab. The story was picked up by about two-dozen other news organizations including CBS and Scientific American. Our publication gained a lot of traction as a result. The Conversation is a non-profit organization that helps academics write news... Continue Reading →

New Video: “Are GMOs Natural?”

A while back I posted a picture on twitter of a process called the "floral dip" which is science-speak for dipping a whole dang plant in a bath of microbes to make a GMO. Someone asked in the comments if there was an explanation of this process anywhere. I couldn't find one, so I decided... Continue Reading →

Science denialism is a bipartisan issue

Scientists are organizing to march on Washington, but why? The short answer is outrage over the minimal role scientific evidence plays in informing policy. A longer answer would also have to account for the fact that voters drive policy and there is a clear disconnect between scientists and the general public. But perhaps the more... Continue Reading →

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