About Me

My Name is Jenna E Gallegos. I’m a 5th year PhD student at the University of California in Davis studying the factors that control how active a gene is-how much protein product it produces-in plants. My goal is to contribute to the development of technologies that help farmers increase yield and nutritional quality of food crops while increasing environmental sustainability. My research (like most) and my education are publicly funded. I want to ensure that my research makes it off my lab bench and into farmers fields, classrooms, and the hands of the people who pay for it. I don’t think you should have to have an expensive journal subscription to access scientific data, or a PhD to understand it. As such, I write and make videos about food and agricultural science issues, exciting discoveries, and my own experiences teaching science lessons to K-12 students.

contact me: jenna(dot)e(dot)gallegos(at)gmail(dot)com                                   follow me: @foodbeerscience