Okay, so what the heck are “omics”?

In the National Academy of Science's genetically engineered crop study report released a few days ago, they proposed a new regulatory framework for analyzing the safety of any crop variety that relies on a technology called "omics"? So what in the world is an omic and how is it useful? There are many different types... Continue Reading →


Editorial Summary of the National Academy of Science’s Consensus Report on Genetically Engineered Foods

This morning, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released a consensus report titled “Genetically Engineered (GE) Crops: Experiences & Prospects”. You can download the full 400 page report which includes a four page summary here. The public release of the report was accompanied by a webcast including a presentation of the report followed by a... Continue Reading →

What’s everyone’s beef with beef?

I grew up on a cattle ranch, which means I ate beef for every meal. My plates included parts of a cow that would make most readers blush. Chicken might as well have been a vegetable. When I left rural eastern Colorado, I was surprised to meet people who considered my family's beef dependance not only... Continue Reading →

So you heard GMOs are banned in Europe…

The lowdown: The European Union has approved the cultivation of one GMO and importation of many (with more on the horizon). The European Commission and European Academies Science Advisory Council, like other government and scientific associations around the world, supports the evidence-based conclusion that GMOs currently on the market are not any less safe than  their... Continue Reading →

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