I recently completed a PhD at UC Davis studying the factors that control gene expression in plants.

As a graduate student, I explored a diversity of topics from agricultural economics to nutrition through science education and outreach activities. I don’t think you should have to have a PhD to understand the latest scientific discoveries. So I wrote and made videos about food and agricultural science issues, exciting discoveries, and my experiences teaching science lessons to K-12 students. I even helped found a UC Davis science outreach group called Science Says.

My volunteer activities as a graduate student lead to my selection as a Mass Media Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. As a AAAS Mass Media Fellow, I interned as a science reporter at the Washington Post.

I went to graduate school, because I wanted to make discoveries that would help farmers increase the yield, nutritional quality, and sustainability of their crops. While there, I discovered a love for basic science, and innovative ideas for solving the world’s problems.

As an intern working on Monsanto’s BioDirect platform, I gained an appreciation for the potential of biology to replace chemistry in many agricultural and pharmaceutical applications. As a postdoc in Jean Peccoud’s lab at Colorado State University, I am further exploring the production of biologics and the use of synthetic biology to improve biologic production.

contact me: jenna.e.gallegos @ gmail . com

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